Amius is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the communities where we work and live.

In January 2017, Amius partnered with Benefacto to provide easy access to a wide range of meaningful volunteering opportunities with local, London based charities, all of which are mandated by the company.

Whether volunteering as an individual or together in groups; Amius employees are encouraged to participate in a broad range of volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Our staff volunteer at local food banks, work at a local nature reserve and participate in running workshops for disadvantaged children – among many other rewarding volunteering experiences.

All staff are given the opportunity to volunteer for up to 3 days a year, with those volunteering confirming that the experiences are highly rewarding and thought provoking.  For many it was a chance to be taken out of their everyday comfort zone and be provided with an opportunity not only to connect with our local community, but also to connect better with each other.

In July 2018 a team of Amius employees competed in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge London; a 5.6K race through the city of London.  This event was organised by JP Morgan to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

Amius have also benefitted from the help of Heart of the City, a London based organisation who work with SME companies to set up their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.