Risk Management

We provide tailored over-the-counter (“OTC”) derivative structures and manage our clients’ exposure to price volatility in the commodity sector

Amius provides OTC Risk Management structures to the commodity sector, enabling our clients to effectively manage their exposure to market risk whilst maximising potential opportunities.

With unrivalled in-house expertise and market knowledge, we design customised hedging structures to suit each client’s requirements and optimise outcomes.

Developing innovative Risk Management solutions is our main focus and speciality.

Our client services team brings best-in-class market insight to every engagement, to create strategies that are tailored to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our trading team ensures efficient and effective execution of these strategies and uses its market knowledge to consistently provide competitive pricing.

Our Success Is Built On:

  • Deep sector expertise and constant monitoring of the market
  • Proactive management of tailored risk/growth strategies
  • Excellent communication based on personal relationships and regular updates  

No two businesses are the same, and neither are their objectives. In the commodity sector, we aim to be every client’s trusted partner.

Speak to our team for further information about our risk management services.

Your Questions Answered

What structures do Amius offer?

Amius provides bespoke OTC derivative structures. These are non-standardised derivatives designed by Amius specifically for your business.

Together we will determine the appropriate levels of protection and exposure based on your market view and pricing requirement. We have a wide range of structures to take advantage of the market situation.

For more information, call us on +44 (0)207 268 7700 to speak with one of our team.

How can I settle the structures I have with Amius?

You can settle your structures at, or prior to the expiry date. The futures you have accumulated on our account can be cash settled, or transferred to your exchange clearing account via Exchange For Swaps (EFS) service.

What costs are involved in trading Amius structures?

Most of our structures do not require an upfront premium to trade. Initial and variation margins may be partially covered by a credit line provided by Amius.

Who are Amius’ clients?

Our client base consists of a wide range of customers across the commodity supply chain, including exporters/importers, roasters, processors, manufacturers and other industry contributors.

About The Team

A committed team with rich experience and global insight.

Our highly international team is characterised by first-hand experience, expertise and excellence in disciplines across the financial services landscape.

We pride ourselves in having strong commodity and derivatives experience: our CEO previously led the global agricultural derivatives team in a major international bank. Our team also has significant trading experience in several global physical trading houses.

Our diverse insight gives us the perspective and acumen to better understand our clients’ operations; and to create our measure of success: outcomes, client satisfaction and long standing relationships.

Our team speaks a number of languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin and German.

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