Providing tailored Over The Counter (OTC) derivative structures and managing our clients’ exposure to price volatility in the commodity sector

Amius provides Over The Counter (OTC) Risk Management structures to the commodity sector, enabling our clients to effectively manage their price exposure in the market whilst maximising potential opportunities.

Optimising our in-house expertise and market knowledge, we design customised hedging structures to suit each client’s requirements.

Providing innovative Risk Management solutions is our main focus and therefore our speciality.
Our business development team evaluate and develop strategies that are tailored to meet our client’s needs and reflect their key objectives. Our trading team ensures efficient and effective execution of these strategies as well as consistently providing competitive pricing.

We believe it is important our clients have the opportunity to get to know us and become fully aware of the services we provide. Essential to this process are regular catch-ups with our clients, constant monitoring of the market, the strategies and objectives of our clients; and more importantly – the results.
We strive to understand each of our clients' requirements as we recognise that no two businesses are the same.

Speak to our team for further information about our risk management services.


Risk Management