Risk Management FAQ’s

General FAQs

  • Can you tell me more about the structures provided by Amius?
    Amius provides bespoke OTC derivative structures. These are non-standardised derivatives contracts, but are structures designed by Amius specifically for your business. Together we can determine the levels of protection and exposure according to your market view or depending on your budget. We design a wide range of structures to take advantage of each market situation.

    For more information, call us on +44 (0)207 268 7700 to speak with one of our team.
  • How can I settle the structures I have with Amius?
    You can settle your structures at, or prior to the expiry date. The futures you have accumulated on our account can be cash settled, or transferred to your exchange clearing account via Exchange For Swaps (EFS) service, or to the physical counterparty’s broker.
  • What costs are involved in trading Amius structures?
    Most of our structures do not require an upfront premium to trade and are free of brokerage fees. Initial and variation margins may be partially covered by a credit line provided by Amius.
  • Who does the Amius client base consist of?
    Our client base consists of a wide range of customers within the commodity supply chain, including exporters/importers, roasters, processors, manufacturers and industry participants.